Nikki Sixx's Corny Girlfriend Prepares for Striptease, With Photo Shoot (PIXXX!)

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We imagine it must be a curse to be as horny as quintessential '80s hair metal rockers Mötley Crüe.

Sure, the "Sex!" angle worked for a little while and helped the band get its music on the radio, pack arenas, and sell records.

But too much of anything -- even capital-F Fucking -- is never a good thing. After a while, excessive boners will get you in trouble. Like when drummer Tommy Lee's sex tape with Pamela Anderson went viral. Or if you're not lucky enough to have people wishing they could watch you fornicate, you might end up a clueless dorky lech like vocalist Vince Neil.

Bassist Nikki Sixx's girlfriend, Courtney Bingham, leaked naughty pictures of herself in promotion of a striptease she will be performing at an upcoming Crüe concert. Do these people have any decency, discretion, or self-respect?! Oh yeah, pixxx after the jump.

Photos via TMZ

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