Nine Disco Songs That Don't Suck

Even though disco gets a bad rap for its index-finger-pointing moves and

white polyester three-piece-suit fashion sense, the world of

ever-trendy dubstep, techno, and house would be nowhere without its

four-on-the-floor beat devotion and decadent party-till-sunrise excess.

Disco was actually a hip underground scene, prevalent in gay and black

nightclubs, before its proliferation onto mass culture and the

spawning of atrocities like the novelty hit "Disco Duck."

Three of the most eminent bands from the '70s disco movement take to the stage tonight at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino's Hard Rock Live. Titled the "American Music Festival," this one-night-only event brings the Trammps, Village People, and Gloria Gaynor and infallible dance-floor igniters like "Disco Inferno," "Y.M.C.A.," and "I Will Survive" to our shores for one evening of glimmering mirror-ball nostalgia.

In our attempt to convince those who cannot see beyond the brothers Gibb and their perfectly feathered hair, the bell-bottoms, and dancing construction workers, we compiled a list of nine songs from the disco era that wouldn't sound entirely out of place in current-day dance floors at your hippest nightclub. Disco doesn't have to suck.

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Alex Rendon