Nine Inch Nails: Five Dream Trent Reznor Collaborations

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5. Brian Eno

Though Reznor kind-of-sort-of already collaborated with Brian Eno via his work with his hero, David Bowie, on "I'm Afraid of Americans" (Eno has a co-writing credit on the track), we would love to see a more concentrated pairing of the two illustrious emissaries of progressive art. Reznor has frequently been compared to Eno in recent times for their obvious similarities, both sonic and ethical, so the collaboration makes sense on paper. However, we do fear that the pairing of such heralded individuals might cause the world to literally explode.

4. Björk

If the '90s provided us with a single person on an equal plane to Trent Reznor in terms of innovation and progression, it would have to be Björk. The Icelandic howler has had electronic elements play a strong role in every one of her myriad opuses, and while the (formerly) unpredictable personalities of the two artists would no-doubt make for a short partnership, we can only imagine the aural pleasures to come of this combo.

3. King Buzzo

In interviews around 2009, it seemed Reznor dropped the angry and disenfranchised bit that had been his calling card; having found sobriety and love, he claimed it would be inappropriate and feigned. So, what's a musical genius of Reznor's caliber to do when anger and sadness no longer provide potent inspiration? You get weird as fuck, that's what you do.

Buzz from the Melvins has carved a path for the advent of grunge, sludge, and above all, weirdos. Over decades of donning muumuus and pounding out influential, slack-stringed sludge masterpieces, Buzz has become a cult icon. At the least, the resulting material would almost definitely be heavy beyond compare.

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David Von Bader