Nine Most Interesting Items From the Bubble's Handmade Souk

​Saturday, Fort Lauderdale art space the Bubble was transformed into an Arabian-style souk as it played host to 30 or so vendors selling handmade, unique, and vintage goods. The weather threatened to turn bad throughout the day but never did, resulting in a cool temperature to match the vibe.

A steady stream of folks, ranging in age from 2 to about 75, strolled through the marketplace all day long as sitar music crept softly into the atmosphere from the stage. Every so often, the music stopped for a raffle announcement, delighting many lucky winners. And at one point, an amazing troupe of belly dancers from Lotus Dance Studio mesmerized the crowd.

The vendors in attendance came from all over the state and seemed to really enjoy checking out one another's stuff and mingling. Their wares and personalities were unique indeed. Below are some of the more eye-catching items that were on display.

Full disclosure: This writer works as an organizer over at the Bubble, and it is a joy to be able to give these hard-working vendors some attention here on the County Grind blog.

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