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NKOTB Cruise Disappoints the Hardcore Fans Who Paid $1000 to Board

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The highly-anticipated (read the comments, doubters) NKOTB cruise docked at the Port of Miami Monday morning and dumped a couple hundred disappointed fans onto our shores. Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight, and 2100 of their biggest fans boarded the Carnival cruise ship Imagination under the pretense that there'd be live shows, meet and greets, photo ops, memorabilia and MORE. But not the MORE that you think.

Instead, there were MORE bitter pills to be washed down by cruise booze after NKOTB member Danny either ignored fans or zinged them with remarks like, "I was spending time with my kids, is that alright?" (The latter came when he was asked why he didn't attend the Pajama Jammy Jam on the first night.)

MORE years of ridicule for the woman who ripped up her New Kids' bedsheets and made them into a skirt for the Sunday night all-white fete.

MORE love for Donnie (bro of Marky Mark) for attending every party, rubbing elbows with fans, and being friendly - as a beloved boy band-er should.


security for the women who had been designated as threats after being

arrested for previously stalking group members. Really, girls?


the $1000 price tag, you'd think that the Old Kids on the Cruise would

have bothered to show some attention to their last 2000 (and f-in

hardcore) fans who paid good money to hang tough, or at least have a

mediocre convo with them. But noooo, according to an on-board spy, the

bodyguard-ed boys were overwhelmingly anti-social, sticking to a VIP

area during the parties and barely greeting fans when approached.

The last time I checked, NKOTB's career was going downhill even after they tried to "reinvent"

themselves and return to the public eye. You would think that these

three days would have been an awesome opportunity for their fans to get

re-excited. But when the fans were asked if they would ever do a NKOTB

cruise again, one woman yelled out, "NEVER!" Alas, their antics (and

lack thereof) have landed them on a few more shit lists.

These people say the cruise was a success... but uhh, they want people to cruise so we're kind of thinking they're biased.

-- Raina McLeod

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