No Jay-Z References in Palm Beach Sheriff's Office Anti-Gang Comic

Our Miami New Times pal Gus Garcia-Roberts recently pointed out a PR move by the Miami Police Department that went over about as well as a Linkin Park mashup album: Two artist renderings featured in an anti-gang hotline graphic on the MPD site were obviously "inspired" by old photos of Jay-Z (see: "Miami Police Department Thinks Jay-Z Looks Like a Gangbanger"). Since then, the cops wisely removed the offensive banner, and NBC Nightly News' Brian Williams took the time normally reserved for BriTunes to discuss the matter.

Perhaps Miami police should have called up Dick Kulpa.

As pointed out in great detail at the Juice, Kulpa (a former Weekly World News art director) originally debuted the acclaimed Gangbuster comic back in 1986. During the past couple of years, an updated version for his hometown of Boynton Beach has emerged and has been licensed to the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office -- with no blowback to speak of.

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