No Joke: Nonpoint Apparently Deals With Naysayers on New Album

Finally, someone is trying to find out what is holding back Fort Lauderdale's favorite post-grunge outfit Nonpoint from all of the accolades they deserve. Phoenix

New Times

writer Craig Outhier begins his piece "

Uncovering the Vast Conspiracy to Kill Nonpoint

" by admitting that he had never heard of the band until he got the opportunity to write his article. As we can see in the above video for new single "Miracle," the band is in a fighting mood because of the naysayers "that tried to lead us into defeat."

Outhier is just the man to get to bottom of this pointed, ahem, "non-Nonpoint" movement.

They seem to imply the existence of vast, imaginary windmills of anti-Nonpoint conspiracy; critics and record executives and rival musicians huddled in smoke-filled boardrooms, holding muted conversations that might sound something like this:

Naysayer One: "Bob, what are we going to do with this Nonpoint situation? Should we lead them to victory, or defeat?"

Naysayer Two: "Defeat, definitely. They just don't have the will to make it in this biz. Or the perseverance, for that matter."

Needless, it was not enough to just speculate, Outhier hit up the band's drummer Robb Rivera to get some much-needed clarity regarding who might want to dull Nonpoint. The answer is not too far from the writer's original speculation.

"Former people that we worked for. People who perceive us as an old metal band. Hey, this has been our only job for the last 11 years. We're not gonna stop. It's gonna take a miracle to get us to stop. That's what the song's about."

According to the band's Wikipedia, a new album -- also titled Miracle -- hits stores on May 4.

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