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No Manners: Pool Party's "Raised by Wolves" Video

It is no secret that we are big, nay, huge Pool Party fans. No other band embodies the mythical ethos of tropical punk rock via Iceland like these festive beach-themed motherfuckers. So much so that their debut full-length, Pool Party Yeah! Complete Greatest Hits of All Time is in essence nothing short of the wild claim the title suggests.

Known for some lo-fi work around town that has at times involved go-go dancers, flotation devices, cortaditos, and a bizarre fascination with the well-being of horses and the people who love them, Pool Party recently turned to the visual skills of the talented Julian Yuri Rodriguez to produce a video for their its Ramones-soaked masterpiece, "Raised by Wolves."

An instant classic? We certainly think so. This semiautobiographical tale of vocalist/guitarist Hand Gloveless' raison de vivre is certainly not short on pseudo-National Geographic footage, shimmery golden drapes, and urine. Lots of urine. But it's safe for work somehow.

Aside from the obvious Ramones influence, we also see a strong Link Wray underlining as well as a clean Guitar Wolf attempt -- but that might just be word association on our behalf. 

Ah! All those shorts and high-top Chuck Taylors certainly remind us of punk-rock summers in the mid-'90s South Florida heat.

Pool Party - "Raised by Wolves"

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