No Need to Panic

Texas is known for its great beer, BBQ, and twangy country music. Indie music, though, is not something most people would associate with the Lone Star state. Aside from Austin City Limits Festival veterans Spoon and the Polyphonic Spree, little is known outside of Texas about its indie-rock scene. It stands to reason, then, that a lot of people have not yet heard of its newest members, the Panic Division. Hailing from San Antonio, this five-man sound machine is a combination of electronic elements and rock. While that’s not exactly groundbreaking, the band's style is inclusive enough to attract overly primped scenesters drowning in black eyeliner and football jocks at the same time. That must put these guys on Texas’ cutting edge, and they handle that distinction well. The energy and sincerity of this band at its live performances can be frighteningly infectious. Band members Colton Holliday, Daniel Stanush, and Tavis Wilson weave frantically back and forth across the stage while drums are beaten mercilessly, perspiration flies, and the electricity that surrounds the band is enough to make any sensible indie-rock fan want to see them live. As if that weren’t enough, there's the bonus that if anyone arrives with too much junk in the trunk, he's sure to dance it off by night’s end.
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Courtney White