Nonpoint Signs to Razor & Tie, Sheds Guitarist and Bassist

Fort Lauderdale nü-metal act Nonpoint just had a huge weekend. Bad news first: Guitarist Zach Broderick and original bassist Ken "KB" MacMillan have both split with the band and have formed a new project. The good news: Remaining members vocalist Elias Soriano and drummer Robb Rivera will carry on as Nonpoint with a new lineup and a new record label, Razor & Tie.

As is common on the internet, people hate change. And the initial

announcement that Broderick and MacMillan were exiting was met with some

(now deleted) ire from fans.

On Saturday, Rivera responded to the complaints:

We want to thank all of you for your amazing comments regarding our current situation. Elias and I (Robb) have been working hard on new music with the newest chapter of the band. We are 21 songs deep into the record with this new lineup, and we will not disappoint you. We did not expect for this to go easy in any way, shape or form. We understand that fans of certain bands get attached to members of said bands, but unfortunately times change. Nonpoint will continue with new people, thank you for your support and see you very soon. New album out on Razor & Tie coming Spring of 2012.

Later on, a new photo was posted with the message "There 5 Deadly Sins Now," which could very well be referring to the three new members of the band.

As we gain more information about this development, we will update this posting.

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