North Atlantic Space Company to Play PureHoney Show at Propaganda Saturday Night

You've probably never seen North Atlantic Space Company live, considering they've only performed one and a half shows thus far. That small number totally doesn't mean that there aren't many more to come. 
When their group Sweet Bronco disbanded, guitarist Chris Horgan and drummer Steven Copeletti decided to take their love of pithy power-pop tunes to the next level. Horgan describes Copeletti as "a huge power-pop enthusiast." Describing his new act's genesis, Horgan says, "One day, he and I were discussing our mutual appreciation for bands like Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, and Broken West, and he mentioned how he'd like to one day start a band called North Atlantic Space Company that played strictly power pop." 

Did we mention it was power pop? All songs are about two and a half minutes long and between 120 and 144 BPM. After the addition of bassist Brady Newbill, the band was truly complete. As far as what to expect from a NASC show, Horgan says, "Our set is currently nine songs and typically runs about 27 minutes long. Just simple, catchy, pop-oriented rock."

All three band members are Broward bred. "We're as homegrown as it gets," Horgan touts. He got the music bug early, like really early. "I went to a tiny preschool in Lake Ridge that was run out of an old three-bedroom house. It was run by two old ladies who just played piano all day and led us in song, traditional stuff like 'Home on the Range' and 'She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain'-type stuff.  Somewhere in there, we learned the alphabet, but it was mostly music." 

He attended a magnet music school, learned violin and piano, joined Florida's Singing Sons Boychoir, wrote Nirvana- and Radiohead-inspired music, had some failed high school bands, and studied music theory at University of Florida. This is a man who is devoted to sound. 

"I moved to Los Angeles in 2006 and started playing keyboard in the shoegaze band Eskimohunter who were enjoying a lot of success in the L.A. area at the time," he says. "But I'm most proud of Sweet Bronco, which I inaugurated on my own in 2007 before returning to South Florida." This past year, he spent time playing guitar in John Ralston's band, one that NASC will be performing with this Saturday at the PureHoney Sixth Issue Anniversary Milestone Joint at Propaganda. 

"I missed the Passenger back when they were XOXO," he said of one of the other bands playing that night. "I love the Dewars, and they've been missed big time since they relocated to St. Augustine. I could definitely use a good dose of the Dewars." He's most excited for his new band to play a real live show, and also, with his other group, to perform songs off of Ralston's Shadows of the Summertime album. "We haven't played together since August, and those songs are just so fun to play," he admits. "That was easily my favorite record that came out last year." 

Catch North Atlantic Space Company at 8 p.m. Saturday February 24 at Propaganda, 6 S. J St., Lake Worth, for the PureHoney Sixth-Issue Anniversary with John Ralston, the Passenger, the Dewars, and the "Little Pieces of Hope Art Show." The show is 18 and older, and there will be a $5 donation to benefit INSPIRITNASC will also be playing on March 10 with Invisible Music at Speakeasy.  

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