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Nostalgia Rules HippieFest at Broward Center

The latest extravaganza in South Florida's current crop of concert offerings intent on rekindling musical memories for Baby Boomers is the affectionately dubbed HippieFest. Although its appeal to would-be hippies is questionable, the list of classic-rock regulars is, as always, well up to par. Headliner Jack Bruce had a long and varied career both pre- and post-Cream, but indelible classics such as "Sunshine of Your Love," "Crossroads," and "White Room" forever bind him to that seminal blues-rock trio.

War and Rare Earth helped fuse rock and R&B with enduring hits like "Why Can't We Be Friends" and "Get Ready," respectively. And if the indomitable Mitch Ryder and Joey Molland seem the also-rans here, well, who can blame them for mining that extra bit of glory from the fleeting legacy each has earned. Beads, bell-bottoms, tie-dye, and other regalia of the era is naturally encouraged (a HippieFest "Flashback" party will be held earlier that day), although considering the city's recent crackdown on anything hinting of illegal substances, attendees are advised to leave their bongs at home. Otherwise, it's a chance to revel in one's own grooviness and enjoy a veritable hit parade some 40-plus years removed.

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Lee Zimmerman

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