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Novalima For the First Time in Miami, This Saturday

​In an age when all things retro are honored with a certain amount of street cred, a group from Peru called Novalima took kicking it old school to a whole new level. Delving into their country's history and tracing back to the roots of the first slaves brought over in the 1500's, Novalima's sound thrums with those displaced Africans' pained and soulful music. And just as rock n' roll was born of the guttural cry of American slaves later hailed as the blues, the four-piece band has given what in their country is known simply as Afro a whole new spin--literally.

The DJ collective, formed by Ramon Perez Prieto, Grimaldo del Solar, Rafael Morales and Carlos Li Carillo, takes those Afro-Peruvian sounds and blends them with modern styles using modern techniques. Dub, Latin percussion and house come together in harmonious amalgam that still manages to maintain the undeniable lilt of that centuries-old music that inspires Novalima's unique sound. And now, in what is their first visit to the U.S., you can check them out for yourself live and in the flesh, along with Lanzallamas Monofonica in what promises to be a show that'll test the sturdiness of Transit's foundation.

Novalima performs at Transit Lounge (729 SW 1 Ave) this Saturday, September 26. No cover.

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