Odd Future's Golf Wang Tour Tickets and Swag Packages on Sale

Odd Future's lead rapper, Tyler the Creator, is not a big fan of Bruno Mars, authority figures, and, perhaps most of all, ticket scalpers. Thus, today's ticket presale for the 2011 Golf Wang Tour, which includes a stop at Fillmore Miami on Halloween, is laden with some extra merch that dedicated purchasers with disposable income can obtain.

From the beginning, this tour has had a very feline-oriented approach. Would David Yow approve? As we can see at right, the T-shirt pack will do nothing to diminish the creepy vibe already associated with the Los Angeles rap collective.

Aside from whatever you're planning to assemble as a costume (our suggestions) for the Miami show on Halloween, you can opt for the ticket + freaky cat shirt pack for $50, or the ticket + stickers for what we assume will be $31.66 (this one is not yet on sale).

Pick up Odd Future Golf Wang tickets for all dates here.

Odd Future. Monday, October 31, at Fillmore Miami Beach, 1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. Click here.

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