Of Montreal and Kid Sister Coming to Revolution January 14

Of Montreal and Kid Sister Coming to Revolution January 14

Of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes' last performance in this region was an intimate, covers-enhanced affair at Respectable Street, which was well-regarded by our reviewer. Come January 14, Barnes is returning with his band for a headlining show at Revolution in Fort Lauderdale. Traveling along is Chicago's still-about-to-burst rapper Kid Sister.

Barnes, who used to live in South Florida, still has strong ties to the area -- and hopefully enough time has passed to dilute the venom heaved at him by locals after his Lake Worth-It appearance went awry. Back in late July, commenter coquet-coquet! (a nom de plume) said: "kevin barnes has obviously become an analcentric bloated egotistical

moron, and his new albums are getting crappier and crappier as the

titles get more contrived and longer. the fact that he can't even lend his 'charity' to a flourishing scene makes us all very sad."

Sadness can hopefully make way for Of Montreal's ambitious stage show and what is, by many accounts, a brilliant album in False Priest. As has been mentioned in these pages, the album features a wealth of pleasurable thuds and R&B singers. Hit up Pitchfork to see all of the dates set for the upcoming tour.

Need further convincing? NPR is streaming an entire performance from the current tour recorded in Washington D.C. at the 9:30 Club.


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