Of Montreal Respond to La Luz's "Terrifying" Van Accident

By Monica McGivern

Bands living on the edge from little sleep to partying non-stop, is nothing new. Add in a hectic touring schedule, and the potential for danger heightens.

Yesterday morning, we received some sad-glad news about Jacuzzi Boys Hardly Art label-mates, La Luz.

After living through one of "probably the most terrifying experiences" of their lives, we are happy to report all four members of La Luz are "OK" after being in an auto accident that totalled their van.

We reached out to Of Montreal, who was preparing for the Seattle show for which La Luz would've been opening, if not for the crash.

The Nuemo show required a last minute substitution with local synth-sters, Pillar Point.

oM shared this sentiment:

"We are very sad about our tour-mates, La Luz's tragic accident, but are very grateful that no one was seriously hurt. We will miss them a lot on the rest of the tour and can't wait to see them get back on the road."

By the sheer number of announcements that poured out yesterday, it's safe to say from Polyvinyl, to Panache Booking, and Hardly Art, the foursome have support from many.

We at New Times extend our well wishes for a quick recovery.

Here's the official info from their label on how to help, as they've had to cancel the rest of their tour:

"For those who feel compelled to help the band get back on their feet, we've set up a Paypal account for laluzdonate@gmail.com; 100% of the donations will go the band as they seek to pay medical bills and purchase a new van, new equipment, and new merch."

Of course, if you prefer to get a little while giving, buy some good ol', always fashionable vinyl at HardlyArt.com.

"T.V. Dream" by La Luz

"Brainwash" by La Luz

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.