Old Habits CD Release Show at the Speakeasy This Friday; Download "Any Means Necessary"

After a few years of whining, makeup, and unfortunate haircuts, things seem to have come full circle in certain corners of the all-ages hardcore-ish scene. Actual hardcore is back in its full gym-shorts-wearing, windmilling glory -- no overly complicated attempts at subgenres or sing-screaming needed. Luckily, too, there's a new band on the scene which reaches young kids for some schooling, but comes straight from people who have lived hardcore for years. That's Old Habits, a five-piece that includes on guitar John Wylie, founder of the legendary local imprint Eulogy Recordings.

Together, this is no-nonsense, fast, heavy stuff that hits like a floor punch. It's loud, angry, only as musical as it needs to be, and full of the kinds of vaguely didactic lyrics that characterize the genre. At the beginning of "Any Means Necessary," for instance, frontman Billy Hart barks out, "With fists held high, we're coming right for you," before referencing some kind of righteous war, and the usual us-against-the-world motivation.

The group writes on its own Facebook page that it's "nothing new or different, just a familiar sound that hits just right," and there's something to be said for that last part. If you're young -- or not-so-young -- and itching for a throw-down, head to the Speakeasy on Friday when Old Habits plays a release show for its new CD. In the meantime, download "Any Means Necessary" below via Old Habits' Facebook Bandpage.

Old Habits. With Nemesis, Gunfight, the Howling Winds, the Dead Legs, the Toilets, and Volatile. 7 p.m. Friday, April 6 at the Speakeasy, 129 N. Federal Hwy., Lake Worth. $10 admission includes a copy of the Old Habits CD. All Ages. Click here.

Download: Old Habits - "Any Means Necessary"

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