Olga Tanon, Live at the Hard Rock, This Sunday

Olga Tañon has long been known as La Mujer de Fuego (The Woman of Fire), and for damned good reason. Sure, it was the name of her sophomore release, which dropped in '93. But that's not why the nickname stuck. At least not entirely.

Anyone who's seen the Puerto Rican diva perform live can tell you it's an epithet Tañon more than lives up to. Attacking the stage with frenzied energy and unbridled passion, she tears through merengue with incomparable zeal, and her pop tracks are nothing if not heartfelt and sincere. Tañon is truly a fireball, and well worth the money to catch her live.

Olga Tañon performs at the Hard Rock Live this Sunday, October 18 at 7 p.m. Tickets run from $50 - $100.


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