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O'Malley's Sports Bar

O'Malley's Sports Bar

1388 N. State Rd. 7



O'man, O'Malley's is fucking nuts. I mean, what goes better with a frosty glass of Heiney than a comfortable stool? Poker? Check. Pool? Check. NBA on a big-ass telly? Check, mate. (That thing could play center for the Phoenix Suns — might be a step faster than Shaq on the break too.) But they might want to hang that baby outside like a marquee to let some of us know how to find our happy place. It's tucked away in the corner of a desolate shopping center in Margate's bustling shopping district. I drove by three times before I figured it out. The low rumble of the bass guitars guided me in its direction. That and the cloud of cigarette smoke puffing from beneath the heavy green doors. Everyone smokes. Not necessarily as a chaser for their Jäger bombs ($5 on Fridays) but to make it a little bit harder for you to shoot darts. You'll know when you're ready to step up and your eyes are nice and watery. Think about it before you pull the trigger. With $5 you-pick-it shots on Mondays, $4 lemon drops on Tuesdays, $2.25 domestics on Wednesdays, $3 Coronas on Thursdays, and $3 Soco and limes on Saturdays, you might be a danger to your fellow man with a sharp object in your hand. Put it down, Sally, and walk your wobbly ass to a booth near the stage. Malfunction Mondays eff up the place with live bands on stage and vinyl collectors on site. Wednesday, it's a hip-hop-athon 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. as DJs Kems and Lumin rotate the hot plates and kung fu masters kick ass on screen. Oh, and did I mention beer pong? No? Beer pong. And if that's not enough mayhem, lose your undies in a Texas Hold 'Em tourney on Sunday. Now, where's my Visine?

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Bryan Falla

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