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On Til Dawn DJ Crew Honoring Departed Member Saturday

Broward County dance aficionados will be familiar with the gyrating work of Broward-based DJ crew On Til Dawn. These three beatsmiths, Anthony Mazzeo, Mike Romero, and Eric Dupri, have been on the grind the past few years; beginning with raves out in the swampy Everglades just a few years back these mix-masters have grown up and are currently heading up three successful dance parties in South Florida. Some would argue that the On Til Dawn crew practically reinvigorating Fort Lauderdale Beach's infamous scantily-clad debauch spring break vibe of 80s with its two successful bikini laden parties --Mas Carne and Second Sunday.

Behind the scenes there is more to these three fellas than chiseled abs and pulsating progressive house grooves though. Tragically they lost their fourth member Julio Buenano last October due to complications from a neck injury he sustained while going for a late night swim in Fort Lauderdale Beach. At the end of that month the other three On Til Dawn members staged a new night at glittery Seminole Hard Rock club Gryphon titled "Never Stop Dancing," in honor of Buenano.

This party served as a fundraiser for Buenano, who left behind a one-year-old daughter, and they raised over $5,000 for his memorial fund. Never Stop Dancing monthly residency is still going strong at the Gryphon Nightclub according to Romero. "We dance with a purpose now," said Romero who told us that every On Til Dawn party is a celebration of life.

Its Mas Carne event -- which will be held this Saturday July 2 on South Fort Lauderdale Beach by the Yankee Clipper -- also serves as a fundraiser for the family of Buenano. Celebrating its three-year anniversary this past April, it has established itself as Fort Lauderdale's premier beachside dance event. Mas Carne blends techno productions at the hands of the On Till Dawn crew, with delectable grilled meat ( a more literal interpretation of the "Carne" moniker than you probably had in mind?) Attendees nearly have to give a donation of their choosing, which goes directlty to Buenano's memorial fund, to enjoy amazing cuisine, high-energy music, and free booze. 

Can wait until tomorrow to get your groove on, check out On Til Dawn's latest remixes here.

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