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One More Year Before Justin Bieber Drinks Legally in Ontario; a Birthday Celebration With Fan Cover Songs

It's hard to believe that Justin Bieber has been famous for only less than four years. It seems like he's always been around, a bizarre, quirky Canadian time-and-space-continuum oddity that has ingrained itself firmly into our consciousness and into the fantasies of many a tween, much to the chagrin of her parents.

On that note, "The Biebs" celebrates his 18th birthday today, and while that lets him drink legally only in the provinces of Manitoba, Alberta, and Quebec, it is our understanding that other progressive areas of our neighbors in the Great White North will let him drink under "parental" supervision, which we're sure includes the hundreds of hangers-on and sycophants that surround the young hit machine.

That should be some party!

The Bieb was born to a young single mother with delusions of Christianity in Ontario way back in 1994. It was through her savvy use of YouTube that his early renditions of contemporary and popular R&B tracks became popular. He would soon come under the eyes of Scooter Braun, who'd then manage the Canuck phenom into the crosshairs of Usher and Island Records. Needless to say, we all know the rest.

While we could sit here and look at the pros and cons of Biebermania all we want, we fear the young soul has already had an adult's lifetime with ridiculous paternity charges, an equally youthful paramour, and unsupervised opinions on homosexuality and rape, we know no better way than to help celebrate his birthday than through his music. However, we also feel that because YouTube begat us the Bieb, we should allow a few of his loving fans to do the deed for us.

Here are some of our favorite fan renditions of classic Bieber tracks. Enjoy (or not).

"One Time" by zeldaxlove64
Zelda reference and a Sonic poster? If her musical tastes changed, she'd make one lucky nerd/fanboy very happy in the future.

"So Sick" by marcellopes92
This was the first upload for the Bieb. We fear it will not do the same for this young man. Maybe a different haircut would help? We like that he's reading the lyrics as he's singing.

"One Less Lonely Girl" by drewby1xo
We strongly believe this girl would be less lonely with some original tunes and a local coffee shop for her to peddle herself at... But wait, is she lip-synching? We can't tell!

"Baby" by EJayyyo's little brother
Is this in violation of child labor laws? If it isn't, this kid is cute and will grow up to either (a) have a lucrative career being adorable and/or (b) beat the royal fuck out of his older siblings. Regardless of which, we are behind him 100 percent! (He's polite too.)

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