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Orange You Glad Fest Necessitates a Mini-Road Trip to Orlando

​Despite the extra day of preparation you thought leap year would offer, it seems to have just delayed your planning. Suddenly, it's March, a monstrous month for music in the South. 

With all of the bass and drops of Ultra -- to which you didn't get tickets -- and all of the bikes and indie rock of SXSW -- shows you can't get into -- you may feel like iTunes and tweets are your only musical experiences at the moment. There is one place you can get a dose of live music that isn't too far away. The Orange You Glad Music Festival of Orlando is back, and orange you glad it is?

OYGF is a citywide festival that seeps into every venue, coffeehouse, and parking lot in downtown Orlando for four days. It's a free-for-all and features not only local music but up-and-coming acts and a headliner or two as well. It's a roundup of Orlando culture, showing that the city is more than just where Mickey lives. 

Give Orlando a chance. Not to mention, the festival is completely affordable, costing only $30. But that's not what won us over; this promo video below sealed the deal. We can only imagine the festival is as quirky and surprisingly entertaining.

So pack up your car, take a little trip, and enjoy some real music. The schedule was released last week, and all the hosting venues are just a drunken stumble away from one another. It'll be a frenzy of nights on the town, show-hopping and mingling. 

If you're on the verge of yes, listen to a few of the artists we're excited to see:

Cults "Go Outside"

Born Gold "Lawn Knives"


Hospitality "Friends Of Friends"


Zambri "ICBYS"


Grant "Anaujiram"


Hundred Waters "Cavern"


The Woolly Bushmen "C'mon Baby"


You can find more enticing facts on the official website here or just go straight to buying tickets here! The events take place from March 8 to 11. 

See you in Orlando?

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Lori Trigonis
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