Orlando Brothers Tonstartssbandht Head to the Snooze This Weekend

Andy and Edwin White are musically inclined brothers from Orlando known together as Tonstartssbandht. Currently, they're nearby at what Andy describes as "our old homebase," just days away from two shows in South Florida this weekend. 

Though they've been making music together for some time now, Andy lives in Montreal, and Edwin's in New York, though he did briefly live in Canada with his brother. "We got a bit of exposure and built a following in Montreal when he lived there," Andy says. "People think we're Canadian, but we're actually crackers from Orlando." 

Recently, they've been written up in Interview Magazine and Gorilla Vs. Bear. Though he gives some of the credit of their success to his label Artubus Records, also home to Grimes, Andy notes, "I also like to think that we've been around for almost five years now; we've slowly built up a following." 

Nelson Hallonquist of the Snooze Theatre, Cop City Chill Pillars, and LLLR has known the guys for years. Andy calls him an "encouraging force" in their development. He describes them as "supergood psychedelic rock music -- Faust meets the Beach Boys or something." 

Though Tonstartssbandht has toured the U.S., Canada, Moscow, and Ukraine, in their home state, they'd only ever played shows in Orlando until earlier this week, when those in Tallahassee enjoyed their live act. While in Florida, they like to visit Miami, which he calls "an interesting crazy city. A big interesting metropolis at the end of the state."  

He describes their sound as psychedelic, sometimes mellow and sometimes heavy, citing such influences as Henry Flynt, Led Zeppelin, and Bobby McFerren. The best place, Andy thinks, to listen to his music is while driving. "I get a real good vibe just listening to music through car speakers," he says. "It's like a landscape, engaging and dynamic. I think of it as things going by me, not ambient, more like something like a dramatic environment around you."

Catch them at the Snooze Theatre, 789 Tenth St., Lake Park, on Sunday, supported by Mothersky and Universal Expansion. This is possibly Weird Wives' last show. On Saturday, March 24, they'll be performing at Suite 206, 164 NW 20th St., Ste. 206, Miami, presented by Death to the Sun, with 90s Teen and Universal Expansion. 

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