Osceola Brothers: Three Seminole Kids Singing the Blues

The American government has a long and violent history of enslaving, persecuting, lying to, cheating, and stealing from people all over the world. And it has done an especially brutal job of it right here at home. Just look at the historical roots of our government's interactions with the many tribes of natives who were here long before the stars and stripes. They were hunted down and killed, forced off their lands, and fenced in by barbed wire. But one group was never conquered: the Seminole Tribe of Florida. One of its leaders was Osceola. And today his relatives are still singing the blues.

The Osceola Brothers are a blues-rock band from the Hollywood area's Seminole reservation. They are three real-life siblings under 18 years old. Sheldon, 13, plays drums. Tyson, 15, plays bass, and Cameron Osceola, 17, is lead singer and guitarist.

Says Cameron: "The band was basically my idea. Once I got my first electric guitar and started taking it seriously, that's it. I was gone."

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Jacob Katel