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Oski Gonzalez Says "Broward Has Some Badass Bands"

Oski Gonzalez, event organizer and DJ for Oski Shows, has organized numerous events for the SoFla local music scene, but the next one coming up, well, it should be the tits. And yes, that's a good thing.

For one, this music fest is in the 954's Oakland, so no worries about hitting that lovely Miami traffic to hear the finest jams. Although most of Gonzalez's events are in Dade, he decided to pay homage this time to the "good bands [that] come from Broward and Palm Beach," he says. "For the most part, when you think of music in South Florida, everyone thinks Miami, and we want South Florida to know Broward has some badass bands."

Besides doing a great deed to reduce travel time and road rage for northerly musically inclined folks, Gonzalez is also putting on the event for his friend Mike McSween, lead singer of 1000 Pounds of Thrust and minister, who is turning "1000 years old," he says. Gonzalez promises insane results from the show, specifically from McSween. "For Halloween, he came out of the ground through the grass and all then got electrocuted in an electric chair [carbon dioxide was used to make it smoke during the show]... It was fucking badass."

Also badass is the venue, Area 7, being used. "We are using the outdoor parking lot and inside of the venue placing four sound stages and running four bands an hour nonstop," says Gonzalez. "We are expecting a huge turnout with some great music. We have a little of everything from rock to pop, metal to hip-hop. We got it all."

Performing at the event are local acts such as Scars Of Life, Ekkoz, Southgate, Shattered Glass, Raine, Space Hippie, and two of Gonzalez's friends, Dave Neri and Colby W. Taylor. Needless to say, Gonzalez is thrilled, "I love Dave and Colby. I met Dave almost 20 years ago. We were signed to the same manager, Mr. John Tovar, and we would do tons of shows together. Colby is the new dude on the scene -- Dave and I are showing him the ropes, but he is already become a Jedi Master at this. We all work well together."

Taylor is just as thrilled to play: "[I'm] Simultaneously honored, terrified and aroused. The shows the Big LebOski's done are legendary, and to be asked to play is a feat unto itself. This show in particular is a very strong showcase of South Florida's best." Adds McSween, "I do a show on my birthday every year, so we figured 'why not?' This will be a huge awesome event."

The theme of the fest is none other than a popular inspiration of music and baby making, Jack Daniels. Inspired by the aesthetics of Area 7 where Gonzalez said looked "like a place where they down Jack," Gonzalez states that people look at the flyers and believe it's a Jack Daniels promo. All we can say is, if it's an event that condones good ol' Jack, we support this cause. Oh, and the music, of course.

Broward County Music Festival. Saturday, November 23, 6 p.m. til 2 a.m. at Area 7, 3809 Powerline Road, Oakland Park. Visit Facebook.

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Natalya Jones