Osunlade Plays Annual "Fuck Art Let's Dance" Party at Electric Pickle on Friday

​Now in its seventh installment, Aquabooty's infamous Art Basel special, "Fuck Art Let's Dance", is going down at the Electric Pickle on Friday night and headlined this time by the legendary DJ/producer and self-anointed "high priest of spiritual house music" Osunlade. The religious title isn't merely symbolic, as Osunlade is in fact a priest of the traditional Yoruba religion of Ifá, a faith he discovered early in his musical career and which inspired the name of his label, Youruba Records and its catalog of spiritual Afrobeat-infused deep house releases with titles like "Obatala y Oduduwa" and "Yemeya."

Before he found his spiritual calling in Yoruba, Osunlade was a commercial producer who spent much of the '80s and '90s working in the major label industry, crafting tracks for others artists, and even writing music for Sesame Street! Eventually he got weary of this uninspiring work and found new meaning as an independent artist devoted to his new faith. Osunlade and Yoruba have since become a distinguished presence in the international house music scene, embracing diverse sounds and artists from around the world, while banging out some of the smoothest and most soulful releases in contemporary house. Join Osunlade at the Pickle for a night of uplifting house tunes on Friday, where he'll be joined by special guests DJ Harvey and Stell*R, and residents Tomas and Will Renuart.

Fuck Art Let's Dance with Osunlade. Friday, December 4, 10 p.m.-5 a.m. Electric Pickle, 2826 N Miami Ave., Miami.

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Sean Levisman