Our Protoman Protopedia; Record-Release Party Saturday

One of the great challenges and pleasures of covering South Florida music for New Times is getting to know an artist well enough that he will trust you to write about him with more depth than just what he does in the studio and onstage. Fort Lauderdale rapper Protoman, AKA Timothy Neal McClure, is such a case.

Since we are neighbors, I can't help but see him buying greens at Whole Foods, pushing his daughter in a stroller down by New River, and driving his gray Mercedes station wagon around town. Plus, he's just as much a local music fan as a performer, and so anyone who regularly attends shows in Broward County can't miss his six-foot-plus frame. I got to take a ride with him a couple of weekends ago and discuss his life and a new record, titled Beat a Dead Horse 'Til She Resurrects (out Saturday via Footwork4Self) -- and the revealing results are published here.

But there's a lot more about Protoman that didn't fit. Thus, County Grind has a listing of many of our finest clippings on the rapper below.

Enjoy his MP3s:
"Locust Bite"
"Get Tucked Up"
"Nightcall (Dirty Dem & Protoman remix)"
"Unsignable" with Bleubird
"Guns Don't Kill People (Florida Does)" with Bleubird
"Richard Grieco" with Party Monsters
"Gucci Gucci (Hipsters Remix)"
"Movie Star" with Sebino
"Born to Roll" with Party Monsters

We also enjoy his mixtapes:
I'm Very Proud of My Accomplishments Megamix 2 mixed by Rob Riggs
Alligator City's D.U.I. mixtape

Dirty Dem's CD-Release Party

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Protoman Record-Release Party, 11 p.m. Saturday, November 19, at Green

Room Nightclub, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Admission costs $5

and includes a copy of Beat a Dead Horse 'Til She Resurrects.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.