Outkast Brawled at Their First West Palm Beach Show

Florida and Outkast just don't get along. You might remember that Big Boi was arrested back in August as he was disembarking from a cruise at the Port of Miami, but that's not even close to the craziest thing the rapper has experienced in the Sunshine State.

In an animated short released by Pitchfork.tv, Big Boi tells the harrowing tale of the group's very first show in West Palm Beach. "Those days, we didn't travel with no security or whatever," he says, so back in the pre-Stankonia days. After the mic "started whistling like a pimp whistling at a ho on the street," he and Andre 3000 stopped the show and waited in the dressing room for the sound to get right. Then, things got violent. Now Big Boi doesn't mention the name of the club -- it's just called Palm Club -- but we're aiming to get to the bottom of this. Theories so far include Carefree Theater or Orbit/Ovation in Boynton. Watch below and see if it jogs your memory.

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