Over the Weekend: Holy Kimoto, Desyn Masiello, and Cirque Love

We barely survived the freezing temperatures that blasted through South Florida over the weekend. Our 1920s apartment building isn't equipped with central heating, and our local Target sold out of space heaters. Well, let's just get to everything you missed over the weekend, because our fingers feel like they are suffering from frostbite:

H.O.S.H. at Electric Pickle

Photo by Nicole Cussell
​Geman techno DJ/producer H.O.S.H. surely quenched EDM fans' thirst for good electronic music in Miami Friday night when he spun at Electric Pickle. Click here to read our review and view the full slide show.

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Holy Kimoto at White Room

Photo by Ben Thacker
​Jam-band supergroup Holy Kimoto made its debut Friday night at White Room. We could barely make it into the venue without the hippie stench wanting to make us throw up. Click here to read our review and view the full slide show.

Desyn Masiello at Dream

Photo by Nicole Cussell
​British DJ Desyn Masiello took over the decks at South Beach nightclub Dream. Click here to read our review and view the full slide show.

Cirque Love at Culture Room

Photo by Nicole Cussell
​Drum circles, dancers, DJs, and others took over the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale to bring Cirque Love. Click here to view the full slide show.

Miami City Ballet's Program II

Photo by Sayre Berman
​South Florida premier dance company Miami City Ballet showcased its Program II over the weekend in Miami before moving to Palm Beach and Broward in the coming weeks. Click here to view the full slide show.

The Shakers at Respectable Street

Photo by Ari Justin Rothenberg
​Pompano Beach punk rock band the Shakers played on a very cold Saturday night at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach. Click here to view the full slide show.

Cold Weather Blast Through South Flordida

Photo by Bill Cooke
​Nothing brings out the misery in South Floridians better than cold weather. We had our photographers scope out the scene in Miami Beach and Delray Beach to see how everyone dealt with the drop in temperature.

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