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Owl City with Action Item - September 8 - Revolution Live

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Owl City with Action Item
Saturday, September 8
Revolution Live

Better than: Being crucified, we guess.

Remember the days of playing snake on your Nokia? You constantly competed with friends lucky enough to also have cell phones in an earlier incarnation. You fought to see whose snake was longer. Well, in the conquest of the longest snaking lines we've ever seen at a concert, Saturday night's Owl City show at Revolution Live took the cake. The snake cake? Point is, line was long. Very long. 

Tweens, the parents they dragged with them, a few 20 somethings, and even the 10 year and younger crowd held steadfast in their dedication to Adam Young's act as they waited in the hours long line to get a spot as close to their idol as possible. These Hoot Owls -- BTW, we're honestly still a little confused about what exactly a hoot owl is -- clamored and squealed as they entered the venue and swarmed the merch area. They quite literally sprinted upstairs to change into their new purchases before their friends from school had even gotten inside.

Opening for Owl City was Action Item, a bizarre five-piece that reminded us more of the JoBros than, say, any legit rock band. Sure they played instruments and they sounded OK, but we couldn't get over their coordinating outfits that reminded us of the days of 'N Sync. But at least those boys danced! 

Between the gratuitous clap-along (dare we say crap-along) songs and the weird Broadway musical STOMP-esque drum breakdown, lead singer Brian Cag bellowed "On the count of three, I want everyone to jump as high as they can!" and boy, did we wish we were that high. 

"Get your iPhone's, Blackberrys and Droids' out, because we're giving you the opportunity to take the best concert picture ever," he said later in the set. The entire band stopped what they were doing, and cheesily posed like "rock stars" to the adoring crowd's delight. We wondered if they were actually serious. It seems they were. More power to them though. We muffled the desire to start our own chant of, "This is crap, bring emo back!!!"

After subsequently plugging every social media site imaginable, Action Item wrapped things up and headed to their merch table to sign autographs, mingle with fans, and take ridiculous amounts of forward-facing iPhone photos of themselves with swarms of underage girls.

While drunk Moms continued to take shots at the bar, the kids held their ground and patiently waited for Owl City to take the stage. The set was transformed into a barn wreck, or maybe a construction site, if anyone used wood to build anymore. It was pretty extravagant by our standards, but then again, we're used to catching our buddy's local band on the weekend. Owl City, on the other hand, is the real deal. 

When Adam Young and his mates took the stage, a spark was ignited and the entire venue went bat shit crazy. They jumped, they screamed, and they sang along to the super catchy hooks and notoriously heartfelt lyrics. To our pleasure, there wasn't really a quiet moment during the set. Owl City went from song-to-song in a non-stop rotation of oldies but goodies meets The Midsummer Station hits, and even a fully instrumental song that highlighted their skills.

During the set, Young entertained the crowd very little by way of useless anecdotes and eye-roll inducing monologues, instead he rested purely on the laurels of his ingenuity, which is undeniable. 

Set List:
Dreams and Disasters
The Yacht Club
Cave In
Meteor Shower
I'm Coming After You
Umbrella Beach
Speed of Love
-All instrumental track-
Designer Skyline
The Real World
Hello Seattle
I'll Meet You There
Deer in the Headlights
Take it All Away

Good Time

Critic's Notebook:

The Crowd: Latin moms, lots and lots of moms talking about things that would embarrass the shit out of their kids if they were in earshot. There were lots of little kids too, like ones with light up sneakers. 

Overseen in the Crowd: A nerdy-type boy probably around the age of 12 or 13 wearing a shirt that said "Save Water, Drink Beer." Wait, what?

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