Owl City's Adam Young on Taylor Swift: "She Wouldn't Be a Bad Roommate at All"

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New Times: The vibe of The Midsummer Station is a bit different than Owl City's past albums, how did that come to be?

Adam Young: It

was pretty intentional. I think just 'cause If you repeat yourself

forever and just keep doing the things you've always done, you know, we

just wanted to try something new. And yeah, I think experimenting and it

being a little more poppy and a little more dancey it's just more fun.

During the recording of "Good Times" with Carly Rae Jepsen, did you guys happen to sing a little "Call Me Maybe" together?

No, we never did unfortunately.

Well, will you sing a couple bars for us now? We know you know it, everyone knows it.

I would, but I'm scared.

What! Don't be scared!

Oh, trust me. I'm shy.

Well fair enough, we'll hear you sing live on Saturday, so it's all good.


In other collab appearances, would you say working with Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 fame was a dream come true?


definitely. I've been a huge fan of Blink forever and everyone said to

me, "don't meet your idol!" and I was pretty scared because I sort of do

idolize Mark in a healthy way, I guess. [Laughs] But, I met him, and he

proved that wrong. Mark was so down to Earth

and so kind and funny, and gracious. He is who you think he is, and it

was really amazing to work with him.

Did you guys happen to jam out to any old school Blink songs?

Nah, I didn't want to be like, "Hey, Mark can we sing all of your songs?!" Somehow, I was able to contain myself.

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