Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of Darkness, on His Nickname: "It's Better Than Being Called an Asshole"

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As excited as we are to have another album by the mostly original Sabbath lineup, the absence of Bill Ward is unfortunate any way you spin it. When Osbourne was asked about the possibility of Bill Ward joining the band again in the future, the singer had the following to say:

"We would love to have Bill back in the fold, but unfortunately it didn't work out, and we knew we had to deliver an album, because we had kept people waiting for like 35 years. So we all just got on the boat, and unfortunately, Bill had some discrepancy about something or other.

But we'd love to have him back and work something out. I wish him no harm. I still love him a lot. We all do. You know, it'd be great to have him back, but we felt if we pull the plug on this one, people would have gone, 'Oh, it's never going to happen,' you know. Because we tried, and we were speaking about it for a long time."

As mentioned above, 13 is Black Sabbath's first album to hit number one on the U.S. charts, an unprecedented achievement for a band so late in its career. This is why Ozzy thinks the album was such a major commercial success, 45 years after the band's inception. The Prince of Darkness gave a response that was as refreshingly humble as it was honest.

"You know what? You're asking the wrong guy, because when it went to number one in England, it just went number one in England, America, Germany, New Zealand, and I'm like, "What?" I mean, I'm still kind of pinching myself, like I'm going to wake up and it's all been a dream, because had this happened in 1972 after Paranoid, I'd have gone, 'Oh, yes, OK.'

But now after 45 years up the road, and we get our first number 1, it's kind of a hard thing to swallow, you know? You just kind of -- it's great. I'm not saying I don't want it to be number one, but I just don't understand why now, you know? I mean, we've been around for a long time, in one way or another."

Ozzy Osbourne is and will always be affectionately known as the Prince of Darkness; however, the question was posed as to whether Ozzy was still comfortable with his nickname. The response was once again disarming and candid.

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