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Paleface - Dada, Delray Beach - February 15

After a series of "la la las," "oohs," and even a quick verse from "Rapper's Delight," the indie folk-pop band Paleface was ready to take the stage, or former living room, of the cozy Delray haunt Dada. The three piece band, comprised of singer and acoustic guitarist Paleface (who was quite pale), female drummer Mo, and electric guitarist Soren, played with eclectic style and grace.

Paleface got his nickname when he was younger because he used to play underground in places like subway stations in New York. Because he was pale, he earned the name "Paleface" (shocking, huh?). Danny Fields, his manager who formerly managed the Stooges and Ramones, told him to keep it. The name stuck, but Paleface'e real name didn't. When I asked what his birth name was, Paleface declined to comment, enforcing a mystery around him.

Besides earning his nickname in the Big Apple, Paleface first roomed with artist Beck. "We were bopping around in New York with no money, playing open mics, drinking beers," Paleface reminisces. They were "buddies" until a falling out. "We were immature," Paleface shrugs. "We were kids. Shit happens."

On tour in support of their new release One Big Party, they opened with the mellow "I Wanna Travel," the harmonica based bluesy "Just About to Burn" followed, complete with audience participation. Unreleased songs, "Try to Have Some Fun" and "Throw Your Arms," were played as well as older ones like "Styrofoam Cheeseburger" and "Fishbowl." All were funky, hip, and even interactive.

The band has been around for 4 and a half years when Mo and Paleface met in New York. Mo asked if she could play for his side-band Paleface had and lo and behold, the side project became the main project. A year ago, Soren was added to the mix, creating the current Paleface fans know today.

Overall, they seemed both grateful and positive for their folk star lifestyle. "I'm happy I'm out there. It's the life that we lead. The show's on the road. It's who we are," reflects Paleface. Mo adds, "We want to keep doing what we do, make a living doing music, keep going, meeting more people as we go along."

i>Paleface will continue touring the U.S. Their next stop is Loosey's at 120 SW First Ave., Gainesville. Call 352-672-6465, or visit their website.

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Natalya Jones

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