Palm Beach's Best Concerts This Week: The Helmsmen and Old Habits

This week, the pickings are slim when it comes to big-name, national acts. That said, there is no shortage of homegrown bands ready to be discovered, or in some cases rediscovered, by South Florida music fans.

This is a great week to take in some local culture as two of Palm Beach’s most venerated rock venues, Propaganda in Lake Worth and Respectable Street in West Palm Beach, are each hosting busy weekends with a flurry of rad shows.

One such concert is the Helmsmen at Respectables on Thursday, June 23. Presented as part of Flaunt, the long-running indie-underground dance party, the Helmsmen are a dynamic and young indie-pop five-piece from Jupiter, rising stars in the scene worth checking out by anyone who values fun and shuffling their feet. 
If your dance speed is more the color of metal, then Propaganda has a treat on Saturday, June 25. Veteran hardcore outfit Old Habits return to the stage alongside a quartet of shit-kicking bands including a trio of local mosh pit party starters, Sweet Nothings; Judge Holden; Cinderblock; and New York natives Brick by Brick.

The Old Habits headbangers' ball is only five bucks, and the Helmsmen and their sweet melodies are going for the even sweeter price of free. It’s a great time to support your hard-rocking neighbors for the cost of next to nothing but an open mind. 
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