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Palo! Performs at the Van Dyke Tomorrow, May 16

Guess who's playing the Van Dyke this Saturday? I know, I know. Enough with the Van Dyke already. I promise, it'll be the last time I mention it ... at least for this week. Don't blame me if they're killing it with cool Latin bookings. And I'd be remiss if were I to deprive you of the opportunity to catch Palo! tomorrow.

Palo! can mean a number of thingsdepending on where you are in Latin America. If you were in La Isla del Encanto, you'd do well to ask your Puerto Rican suds jockey for your drinks that way (ie. Bandito nene, dame un palo de whiskey!). If you're in Cuba, it could refer to Las Reglas del Congo, a religion brought to Cuba by Africans that often uses the word as their shortened moniker. Or it could mean something really damned cool (as in, ñnnoooo, eso's un palo, broder!).

I haven't gotten a chance to ask him, but I feel fairly certain the

latter is connotation Ed Calle and company were thinking of when naming

their group. And frankly, it's an apt description.
I won't bore you with a laundry list of reasons to go check out these Afro-Cuban/funk fusionistas, but I will say this: Palo! must be snacking on a whole lot of Smucker's ... 'cuz their shit is the jam!

You can catch Palo! this Saturday, May 16 at the Van Dyke Cafe, 846 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach. The show starts at 9 p.m., and admission is free. 305-534-3600;

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