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Panic! at the Disco at Pompano Beach Amphitheatre 5/29

Panic! at the Disco — yes, the exclamation mark is back — long ago outgrew the post-emo bombast of the height of the decaydance era of pop rock. Still, the Las Vegas act, helmed from the beginning by pinup-worthy Brandon Urie, has never been successful in fighting its penchant for flamboyance. The group ditched its love of costumes and exaggeration (though not its love of irritating punctuation) in favor of a Beach Boys-styled earnestness on its second album, 2008's Pretty. Odd. It was a solid set of harmonic pop rock, but the band seemed neutered, and sales were, well, flaccid. That's why its third album, Vices & Virtues, released this past March, has been hailed as a return to form. Back are the huge productions, the costumes, the elaborate stage sets, and, in turn, the hordes of screaming female fans.

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