Paper Diamond: It's About Getting "Work Done but Still Knowing How to Party"

Alex Botwin is about to make it rain, but not in the usual way.

You may better recognize the Coloradoan by his professional moniker Paper Diamond. Under this name, he's spent the past four years releasing multi-instrumental neoclassics via Pretty Lights Music and worming his way into the hearts of festivalgoers nationwide.

He's about to release a new EP, Rain Drops, and a concurrent tour that will drip its way into Revolution Live on Thursday. He named the album in honor of his mission to "control the weather" -- no strippers were involved.

"When [my friends and I] are talking about making it rain on schedule, it's like every day, we get up and do work on music and art," Botwin says. "It's about having fun, being superinspired, and trying to inspire people; getting all your work done but still knowing how to party."

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