Paul McCartney Concert Videos on YouTube

Countless videos of the Paul McCartney show went up on YouTube almost immediately after the concert. Most of the best come from user dsmpaul, who seems to have been sitting somewhere in the first few rows, and who seems to have uploaded damn near the entire concert in song-by-song clips. 

Here's "Band on the Run," which was performed simply but still remains one of the best Wings songs. 

In an unexpected mini-medley, McCartney played "A Day in the Life" into his late, great friend John Lennon's "Give Peace a Chance."

The commercials for the concert all used a clip of "Live and Let Die," and for good reason -- it was the most explosive number in the entire show, literally.

"Hey Jude" was the emotional highlight of the entire show. Hearing tens of thousands of people singing the chorus live is surreal.

And finally, a moment from the encores. "Helter Skelter" is arguably one of the first heavy-music-type songs, ever, and in the hands of McCartney and his top-notch backing players, it's still delicious in its distortion.

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