Pawn Shop Lounge Set to Open in West Palm Beach in Dr. Feelgood's Location

The famed large yellow school bus that occupied a portion of the dance floor inside former downtown Miami hotspot, the Pawn Shop Lounge, will be rolling on up to Clematis Street come February. According to Pawn Shop's operating partner, Paul Brown, the rumors that have been reverberating across South Florida's nightlife world are true: The famously eclectic dance club will indeed be setting up shop in West Palm Beach.

Brown and company will be setting up shop in the soon-to-be vacated space of colossal rock haunt Dr. Feelgood's on 219 Clematis Street. Oh, yeah. We gleaned that tidbit of information from Brown too; the glossy rock 'n' roll joint co-owned by Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil is shuttering its doors come December.

Expect a mammoth goodbye blowout on December 1, Brown says. He was hush-hush on what Dr. Feelgood's has in store for its closeout bash or what's going to go down for Pawn Shop's ribbon cutting shindig. He did say to expect a big name.

For Pawn Shop version 2.0, Brown is teaming up with designer Kurt Vannonstrand -- the same guy who designed the original Pawn Shop, and states that most of the design elements used in Miami's Pawn Shop will be utilized in its Palm Beach County iteration. But, according to Brown, with the added space, an open floor plan, and better sound system, the newer version of the club will be more like a "Pawn Shop on steroids."

Brown is in high spirits with the venture, as he sees countless potential in the new Clematis Street location. "It is a great opportunity as nothing new has opened up in that area for a while." Brown feels crowds are growing tired of the EDM, "aggressive dance" music and high-end bottle service scene that has proliferated the area. "Not everyone wants to go out and drop $5,000 dollars on a bottle, some just want to hang out and shoot the breeze with their bartenders."

Creating a chill vibe comes first, according to Brown. "In the old Pawn Shop, we didn't have to book a $50,000-a-night DJ to fill our room, it was more about the atmosphere, listening to good music and relaxing with friends."

Brown also cleared the air regarding the closing of the original Pawn Shop. "People think we closed (the Pawn Shop) because it was dead, that's not true, we were doing fine, it was simply that the city didn't renew our lease." He said the City of Miami had them on a year-to-year lease and eventually chose not to extended a new one. The City subsequently went on to demolish the space to make room for additional parking space for the Performing Arts Center.

Look for more info regarding Pawn Shop V 2.0 opening bash in the coming weeks and more details on Dr. Feelgoods closing sendoff.

[h/t Talknightlife]

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