Penny Lane Music Emporium Grand Opening Saturday, October 16

Photo by Jamie Long
Armando Zuppa at Penny Lane Music Emporium
Music has long played an important role in Armando Zuppa's life. As a 7-year-old in Italy, Zuppa's teacher used Beatles albums to help him learn English. So when deciding what to call his new music warehouse in Fort Lauderdale, using a hit song title from the English rock legends seemed more than fitting.

Saturday, October 16, Penny Lane Music Emporium on Federal Highway will celebrate its grand opening with food and drink. Perhaps it's a bonus that the store looks much more like a spacious living room than a traditional warehouse -- complete with area rugs and a large red couch in the center of the space. "I want it to be a meeting spot for acoustic musicians to jam," says Zuppa when describing his hopes for the store's vibe. The atmosphere is so inviting I joked that he should serve cappuccino, to which the Italian store owner responded, "I have a cappuccino machine right here, if I can figure out how to work it."

"Fort Lauderdale is missing a music store with a focus on Americana," Zuppa states. Therefore his store concentrates on the amalgam of rock 'n' roll, blues, and folk with inventory such as Blueridge, Santa Cruz, and Indiana guitars; Nechville banjos; mandolins; ukuleles; violins; and more. Zuppa proclaims to be the largest banjo and ukulele dealer in Florida, noting that people are traveling from all over the state specifically for the instruments he sells at a fair price. He knows what it's like to save up for months and months to buy an instrument. "I usually end up giving huge discounts," says Zuppa.

Musicians playing at the popular music venue next door, Culture Room, don't need to stress if they are in need of last-minute guitar strings or other supplies -- Zuppa lives around the corner and is happy to come open his store for those in need if you give him a call.

Come out for the grand opening of Penny Lane Music Emporium on Saturday and enjoy drinks, snacks, and quite possibly a jam session with Zuppa. He even offers affordable music lessons that you can take in one of the two acoustic studios. Check out Penny Lane Music Emporium's online store at

Penny Lane Music Emporium
3045 N. Federal Highway, Ste. 60F, Fort Lauderdale 33306

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Jamie Long
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