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People Who Made the Music Scene Great in 2014: Part 1

South Florida has a vast and complicated network of folks who work hard every day to make music and nightlife happen for all of us. They work tirelessly, creatively, and selflessly -- well, for the most part, at least. There is huge reward in giving to others.

Each year, a new batch of fantastic doers, who happen to be the most active in the music scene at that particular time, rise to the top. They may have been crafting concepts and making those ideas come to life for years, or perhaps they're a bit new to the stage, learning as they go. We thought we'd honor just some of the people who've put in a lot of effort in 2014 so that we can regularly listen to, write about, and dance along with incredible live music in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

This list isn't ranked, and it's only part one. We just wanted to say thank you!

- Liz Tracy, Music Editor

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