Peyote Coyote Live in Lake Worth Tonight

Take one listen to Pompano Beach's Peyote Coyote's self-titled five-song debut EP, and you'll know the trio picked the perfect name. The five songs of stoner rock released this past April make you feel like someone smuggled a hardcore psychedelic into your ear drums. 

Guitarist Ryan Huseman, bassist Jake Stuart, and drummer Cari Gee were all students in the Florida Atlantic University music program when they met in 2012. "When we starting hanging out, we were all in different musical projects that sounded really different from one another. But we were all really into each other's bands, so jamming together seemed to happen pretty naturally." Huseman remembers.  

They came up with their name, Gee says, because "we thought it described the music well." Since Peyote Coyote's formation in late 2014, the three members have stayed committed to distributing heavy dosages of their Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-reminiscent live shows throughout South Florida.

Tonight, you can see them at the Meet the Need to Feed Benefit at Propaganda. Besides raising money for worthy causes, Huseman says you can expect "a hopefully energetic performance of some of our songs off the existing record mixed with some new tunes and some happy mistakes from time to time. We love playing our songs together, and we hope that anyone who comes to see us play has as good of a time as we do."

The band is already planning its next release. They are currently in the process of tracking three new songs that fans will be happy to know are more of the same, only different. "The newer tunes are definitely both a continuation and a development of our sound," Huseman says. "We're trying out some different arrangement ideas and song structures, but the songs have the same energy and overall vibe of our other tunes. They fit really well in our live set."

Huseman added that, in spite of their scandalous name and the dark atmospherics of their songs, no one should fear Peyote Coyote. "We're all big dorks when it comes to music. It's pretty much all we ever talk about. We're pretty boring otherwise." 

Meet the Need to Feed Charity Show and Food Drive with Peyote Coyote and more. 8 p.m. Friday, September 23, at Propaganda, 6 S. J St., Lake Worth; 561-547-7273;  Admission costs $10 or is free with a donation of sealed food.
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