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Phantomime Brings "Burlesque Rock, Cabaret on Crack"

They say sex sells. And while the members of Phantomime aren't paying for it or selling their own bottoms -- at least, not to our knowledge -- they have introduced a sexy new genre of music into the world, what guitarist Kevin Stewart calls "burlesque rock, cabaret on crack." 

They recently reached a Kickstarter goal in support of their upcoming EP The Heist. The opening party for which would be titled "Top Secret Burlesque Variety Show" and feature the theatrics of fire dancers, belly dancers, boxing, striptease, ventriloquism, poetry, art, graffiti, comedians, and, of course, music. We spoke with Stewart about The Heist and System of a Down.

New Times: How would you categorize your musical style?

Kevin Stewart: We call it burlesque rock, cabaret on crack, alternative, but at the end of the day, it's rock music.

Let's talk about your upcoming EP, The Heist. When is it expected to be released? 

It's three months in the making now, but the release is looking to be in the vicinity of May.

How is this EP different than the albums featured on your website, Boo! or Dancing Guns?

It's different, because this isn't a self-produced and recorded effort like our previous releases. We took -- are taking -- our time in the studio... really making these six songs sound as huge and glamorous as possible. This one is being funded by our fans! 

Elaborate on Phantomime's Top Secret Burlesque Variety Show, please.
The Top Secret Burlesque Variety Show isn't really top secret... We just said that to make it more appealing. This is a show we want to throw together to really thank our Kickstarter backers for their support by giving them a really unique experience in this show, which will consist of several different sideshowesque acts such as fire dancers and twirlers, jugglers, magicians, striptease, ventriloquism, comedians, poetry, and of course, us rocking the hell out. We want to make a music video for one of our songs on the album! Here's the catch, though: Only Kickstarter backers are invited.

What influences do you have musically?

We've all got so many influences, but to ballpark it, Foxy Shazam, the Venetia Fair, Queen, System of a Down, the Mars Volta, Gatsby's American Dream, and big-band music pretty much does it for us.

What inspires you to write music (experiences, etc.)?

What influences us is just taking something very authentic and "phantomiming" it. Taking big-band music and making it rock, giving us a chance to keep performing live. That's something we can't get enough of!

What are your goals as a musician?

Turn Phantomime into our jobs by next year, play SXSW and SunFest 2014. Open for Panic at the Disco or for System of a Down. Then we die happy.

Phantomime performs on April 20 at Mugshots bar and Grill, 1049 N. State Road 7, Margate. Visit

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