Phantomime's Album Release Party Offers "an Excuse to Dress Like a Sideshow Attraction"

Album release parties can be a snoozer. We get it: You made an album. But the fine gentlemen of Boca's Phantomime are doing their best to smash that potential boredom into tiny little pieces with one explosive formula.

Their The Heist EP release party is for the people. Because it is the people who made it all possible through a successful Kickstarter campaign. Now add to that loyal crowd some burlesque dancers, sideshow acts, and three other awesome local bands. Shake well, and voila! Mayhem at Green Room -- the good kind of mayhem. Before all the crazy goes down on August 31, we chatted with guitarist Kevin Stewart about why, at shows, he says nothing can go in anyone's mouth that hasn't been in his mouth first and how much he loves their fans.

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Dana Krangel