Phillip Phillips - Hard Rock Live Hollywood - November 15

Going to see Phillip Phillips for the first time, I wasn't quite sure what to expect other than a lot of acoustic guitar and his hit songs "Home" and "Gone Gone Gone." I knew he was an American Idol winner so I was expecting a certain "type" of singer. But I have to say, I was happily surprised at how wrong my expectations were.

Phillips isn't your typical American Idol. Sure the guy sings with power, but his love for extended instrumental jam sessions in between songs and his Dave Mathews-like crooning peppered with smiles isn't your typical TV-pop fare.

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Saints of Valory warmed up the crowd, playing songs off its new EP V as well as the older EP Possibilities. Songs like "Long Time Coming" and "Neon Eyes (Into The Deep)" won them new fans and had the crowd talking about them after their set.

The guys, who hail from Austin, Texas, were personable and offered fans "sweaty hugs and autographs" if they went to meet them at the merch stand. This was the band's first time playing in Hollywood, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves just as much as the crowd.

Phillips took the stage and was greeted by high pitched screams from the women as well as some of the men. He played a bunch of new songs off his album Behind the Light like "Lead On," "Raging Fire," "Trigger," and "Open Your Eyes." Of course, "Home" and "Gone Gone Gone" had almost everyone signing along. With the singer's good looks and bluesy pop style at some points during the show it was like watching the lovechild of Dave Matthews and Bradley Cooper.

The singer had to decline a few marriage proposals while on stage, including one from a very enthusiastic guy in the crowd, who earned the response and a chuckle: "Sorry brother, I can't marry you." Philips is off the market anyway, still seeing the same girlfriend he had back in his Idol days. But that didn't stop those with stars in their eyes from swooning and screaming for the curly-haired crooner.

He was joined by a full band, which looked like just a group of friends enjoying the jam. The show was complete with commentary and laser lights. He was so pleased that he said, "If I could give you all a hug, I would but that would take a while so... air high fives?" This earned him a few laughs.

Phillips embraced his inner Glee fan when he did a mashup of songs including "Super Freak," "Hot in Herre," "Let's Get It On," and one of his own, "Home," which received high praise from his fans. But what got people really riled up was when the singer came back for an encore and showed off his rapping skills with a few verses of Eminem's "Lose Yourself." Yes, Phillip Phillips rapped. To Eminem. Kinda sad you missed the show now, huh?

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