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Photo: Marilyn Manson's Alter Alter Ego Is Eastbound & Down's Kenny Powers

Not a mane of hair you're likely to forget.
Danny McBride is a magnificent actor and is fortunate enough to have HBO's Eastbound & Down to wreak havoc in all of his mulleted glory. Its second season premieres September 26, and there are plenty of fans who are ready for more of McBride's juice-headed tale of a former pro baseball player who is now stuck teaching gym class.

One such fervent supporter is none other than our goth-rock superstar Marilyn Manson. Co-director David Gordon Green recently spilled the beans to Interview magazine: "Yeah, Marilyn Manson, he's fucking obsessed with the show. He goes so far as to dress up like Kenny."

See the photo evidence below.

Surrender is death, and death is for pussies.

Additionally, and somewhat tellingly, Manson has a film project in the works with E&D co-director Adam Bhala Lough called Splatter Sisters -- and it does not involve mullets. Manson plays the leader of a death metal band who is the controlling force behind two drifter teens who are on a killing spree across California. His on-and-off muse, Evan Rachel Wood, lovingly photographed with her man by John Mayer recently, is also involved. Much more about that here.

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