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Photo: Rock of Ages Extras at Revolution, Identify Yourselves!

We've already spent a good amount of time discussing the stars descending upon South Florida for the local filming of Rock of Ages at the downtown Fort Lauderdale rock club Revolution. A handful of quality shots of the cast like this one of Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin (courtesy of director Adam Shankman) have emerged, but everyone knows that, to paraphrase Lady Gaga or umpteen others, the real stars are the fans.

Shankman has been pretty stingy with the pictures from on set up until this point, and the obviously frustrated Sun-Sentinel has been stuck publishing photographs of the probably unconstitutional yellow signs prohibiting photography of any sort in the blocks surrounding Revolution (located on SW 3rd Ave. between Broward Boulevard and Himmarshee). So, it's great that this shot of drunken (Shankman tweeted that the "Bourbon was jumping!") extras taken at 2 a.m. has emerged.

Now it's time for these aspiring stars to get the fame they deserve: blog fame!

Special shouts to:
Tongue-crazy rocker opting for a peace sign instead of the almost universally held metal horns. (Is that a second right arm?)

This brawny fella who either is foaming at the mouth from excitement, or just possesses a very reflective tongue.

A guy who hasn't shaved his beard since hair metal was popular the first time around.

Front-row Siamese twins flashing the horns. Do we know you from somewhere?

All extras: point yourself out in the photo and tell us about your experience!

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