Photo: Tom Cruise's Lovely Locks in Rock of Ages

Tom Cruise's hair is making a comeback -- big time. For the movie adaptation of Rock of Ages, which is currently filming in Fort Lauderdale, the actor plays Stacee Jaxx, the rocker frontman of Arsenal. One of his last memorable roles had him playing a pissed-off movie studio executive known for manure bombs like "First, take a big step back... and literally, FUCK YOUR OWN FACE!" and a pate that looks like he ripped out every follicle himself after his clam chowder was served sans soda crackers. But now, we can envision Cruise (as Jaxx) in a Pantene Pro-V spot.

On Friday afternoon, director Adam Shankman unveiled the first shot of Cruise shirtless, tattooed, and rocking some killer platform boots. ("His character has elements of Axl Rose, Keith Richards, and Bret Michaels," Shankman says.) And then there's that mane. See below.

Shankman tweeted on Thursday that some other dudes who know a thing about big hair were in attendance for Cruise's big moment:

Surreal but true: def leppard just visited set of #rockofagesmovie, and T Cruise as Stacee and Arsenal performed Pour Some Sugar On Me, and they gave a standing ovation!

Bravo! Somewhere Scott Stapp is wishing he never cut it all off.

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