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Photos: Hot Kill Miss Pretty Shots by Francesco LoCastro

Photo by Francesco LoCastro
Kill Miss Pretty's Alicia Olink
​Local artist Francesco LoCastro recently held a photo shoot with Boynton electro raunch-pop act Kill Miss Pretty. Broken up into three parts, with a fourth coming in a week or so, each set of photos is equal parts titillation, art, and theatrics, featuring the trio in masks, industrial garb, and steamy lead singer Alicia Olink in various poses that, well, highlight her smokin' bod. (In one photo, while lying on the floor, she dons a wife beater with "Fuck It" etched in marker across the chest.)

The only recurring theme throughout the different sets is that they incorporate a killing, obviously a reference to the band's name. The members provided all the props for the shoot, according to Olink, but it was all LoCastro's vision. Some more photos are after the jump. To see the album, visit KMP's Facebook page here

The band performs at Exxxotica in Miami this weekend, and will be holding down booth 936 at the porn fest Friday and Sunday.

KMP Alicia 2 LoCastro.jpg
Photo by Francesco LoCastro

KMPAlicia3 LoCastro.jpg
Photo by Francesco LoCastro

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