Photos: Jimmy Pagano Memorial Tribute at America's Backyard, June 5

Even if the cause for a memorial concert is a sad one, the large crowd of participants toasted the late drummer and promoter Jimmy Pagano at America's Backyard Sunday with smiles. In the brilliant, sunny afternoon, a collection of area musicians, bar regulars, friends, and family mingled, took photographs, and remembered a man who had spirit big enough to bring them all together.

Organized by Main Event Talent Agency's Judy Blem, who responded to the night's attendance with: "Two words. Fucking wow." From teens with grown-up rock attitude to seasoned vets of the scene, the event featured an assortment of acts who all had Pagano on their minds and many dedications went out to him -- including a cover of Guns 'N Roses' take on "Knockin' on Heaven's Door."

Check out the entire slideshow of photos captured by Mike Rice right here.

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